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I people watch. I always have.


Whatever I’m doing and whoever I’m with, a little part of me is watching and secretly wondering - what did that mean? Why did they do that? What might happen next? It was inevitable I would eventually put all those observations together into stories; but what happened next, and why, is never quite what you expect – as in real life, of course...


Born in leafy Surrey, I moved to the forests and shores of Hampshire as a child and I’m now people-watching amongst the dreaming spires of Oxford and its surrounding countryside. And I still have much, much more to put into words …


Debrah is a B.R. A.G. Medallion honoree for Patchwork Man, the first in her Patchwork People thriller series, and also the 2014 Chair of the Wantage (not just Betjeman) Literary Festival. She is widowed with two daughters and a mud-loving dog - all helpful in keeping her feet on the ground even if her head is in a book.


I paint too - my first love. I studied English Literature and Fine Art in London, and paint in oils whenever I am not writing away. In 2019, I have 7 exhibitions running across Oxfordshire so please do drop by one, or have a look on my 'Artist' page, as well as popping over onto the LiterArties website to find out about what else I do with my wonderful artist colleagues and in the world of art.



I'm currently collecting a little array of awards, author memberships and artistic associations - which is lovely. And I hope, also, reassuring for readers that you are reading books that are approved by other avid readers as well as super-critical writers and editors.

Some of them are listed below:


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