I also write YA fiction under the pen name Lily Stuart.


Come and meet Lily - THE teenage detective ...

When Lily Stuart's mum resorts to the web for her romance - the world-wide-web - Lily resorts to her own bit of web-weaving to fend off the two candidates for replacement daddy.  


The trouble is neither are quite how they first appear to be. Meanwhile Jas is getting on Matt, Melissa is being an utter bitch, Dad and Mum still don't get it that they should be trying again and The Hitler Youth Brigade - aka school - are on Lily's case to choose what her future is going to be like. If she still has one, that is...


It's enough to turn a girl to drugs. Luckily it doesn't, but it does turn Lily detective in an attempt to solve all her problems and evade the Russian Roulette Murderer.



Webs is the first of Lily's case files - now available on Amazon


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THE teenage detective is back – and looking for trouble …


Or rather trouble’s looking for her. They find each other in the series of little mysteries that start cropping up as soon as Lily’s back at school after her brush with death, and meets the new boy, Si. He’s different – like Lily is now, with her occasional narcolepsy and frequent inclination to investigate everything.


But whereas Lily watches and works things out, Si blurts it all out at the wrong time and in the wrong way. He has Tourettes. He also has a way with rhymes; one in particular that increasingly makes sense to Lily as the mysteries mount up and a gang of drug pushers target the school and her friends with potentially lethal consequences.


One for sorrow, two for joy …


But joy is no longer a girl’s name nor the opposite of sad, and the magpies the rhyme is about are not just black and white birds that like stealing treasure. They’re far more deadly than that…


Magpies is now available for pre-order


So when you go, where do you go to? And can you come back?  Or is there something more than murder to this game?


There are a lot of people who seem to have gone where Lily ends up on a school residential trip; the museum curator, the village policeman – even the vicar.

But one of them also seems to be able to come back whenever they want to – even from the dead.

What’s more, they want Lily...




The third book in the Lily S: Teenage Detective series will be out in 2016. Watch out!

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