Lady Lazarus

Something wicked this way comes...


For lovers of a mystery with a twist of the paranormal ...


When Roseanne Grey jumps to her death on a cold December day, there’s no apparent reason why – not even according to her psychiatrist. Detective Sergeant Darwin Grant is told to file the death as a simple suicide, but he’s not so sure. For a start, why did a woman recovering from a road accident call out Roseanne’s name as she came round, but later claim not to know her? And why had she rung Roseanne no less than fifty-three times Coming soon - watch this space for release newsjust before she died?

Even though he knows his rebelliously over-active curiosity will get him into trouble, and one more indiscretion could be his last, Grant believes in justice – and to his crusading policeman’s nose, Roseanne’s death smells of something other than suicide.

Roseanne’s psychiatrist is curious too – particularly about the mysterious woman who called out Roseanne’s name. What might she know about Roseanne?


There was a lot to know about Roseanne; none of it explicable …


Coming soon - watch this space for release news ...



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