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The Patchwork People series tells a story of betrayal and redemption, and a surprising form of justice.



Patchwork Man is the first in the Patchwork People series. Meet Lawrence Juste, QC; respectable, respected and just about to fall from grace.


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Patchwork Man is the winner of a B.R.A.G. Medallion for indie excellence. 







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Patchwork People is the second in the Patchwork People series. Lawrence Juste's fall continues, with revelations about his past even he couldn't have bargained for - and an unusual resurrection.


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The series completes with Patchwork Pieces as the wheel of blackmail and murder turns full circle. Lawrence Juste has three choices - repetition or redemption; and which sacrificial lamb to slaughter to complete his patchwork.


No betrayal more devious than this. Find out how here.  



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