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Most writers just write. Some writers paint too, but few combine both in one book…

Now meet Debrah Martin, author of eight fiction books, including two award-winners, writer across four genres … and artist. Currently spreading her paint and images far and wide across Oxfordshire, UK, in a series of exhibitions, she’s not stopping at putting paintings on walls. Savage Seas and Sfumato Skies: painting lyrical landscapes in brushstrokes and words also puts her paint into print, with words inspiring, and being inspired by, what she paints.

Her book is a mix of painting techniques and tuition, step-by step guides, with poetry and prose to accompany the journey. And a journey it is, because the book is full of paintings from across the globe, together with their own journey from inception to completion. Bondi Beach inspires both a painting and a poem. Seascapes from such eclectic locations as New Zealand, Australia and Dorset define and inspire a dramatic prose piece entitled ‘The Wave’, and an intriguing but threatening extract from a yet unpublished book is illustrated by moody and atmospheric landscapes. Even technical tips about which colours to use for basic land and seascapes prompt a poem using colour to define people and their character nuances. But it is a book full of practical tips, useful guidance, solid explanation and clever techniques too.

Debrah’s paintings range from the bold and dramatic, through to the ethereal and serene, not limited to traditional land and seascapes, but encompassing man-made landscapes too. Her fiery and forbidding Armageddon contrasts strongly with her tranquil Snowy Sunset, and yet, as she says, ‘they are both intrinsically beautiful. Even the ugly has a raw kind of appeal to it, simply because man made it for our world.’

Reviewers are invited to contact Debrah for a pre-release copy of Savage Seas and Sfumato Skies: painting lyrical landscapes in brushstrokes and words, due out on Kindle and in paperback at the end of April. UK art critics and reviewers are also welcome to request a personal invitation to the Private Viewings for her next two exhibitions in Oxford on 30th April and 10th May 2019 and the official release event on 4th May in the Old Fire Station Main Gallery, Oxford.


Current Exhibitions include The Jam Factory Boiler Room Gallery, Oxford, until 16th April 2019, and The Old Fire Station Main Gallery, Oxford, until 11th May 2019. Thereafter, details of all exhibitions 2019 into 2021 can be found here.


FOR A REVIEW COPY OF SAVAGE SEAS AND SFUMATO SKIES, please contact Debrah on: info@debrahmartin.co.uk   or by calling: 07887 840405. 


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