Artweeks 2019: Learn how to paint a living landscape from a photograph

Adult's Artweeks Oil Painting Workshops


Wed 8th May,  2.30-4pm




Sat 11th May,  2.30-4pm


Held within the SJE Arts Cloister Gallery Gardensbooking essential.


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Creative writing and publishing courses:




WRITE, PUBLISH, PROMOTE was written with any or all of these situations in mind, so whether you're just starting out or wanting to take the next big step towards getting published, this book and all the courses below are for you!

I teach a variety of courses, workshops and writing retreats to get you started, motivated and succeeding. Choose the course that would suit you best, or look at the range of mentoring and 1:1 tuition options below.


Workshops, courses and retreats at Denman College

Glorious surroundings, amazing food, fantastic facilities – a holiday while you learn! I am teaching the following at Denman College, nr Abingdon, Oxfordshire:

Residential Courses:


Tues 28th  to 31st May 2019 Intensive Novel Writing Retreat

Started writing your novel and got stuck? Started writing your novel and can’t seem to find the time to continue it? Started writing your novel and need help editing, reviewing or rewriting elements in it? Or would just like to actually start writing your novel? Then this is the retreat course for you; suitable for writers at all stages, with a mix of formal guidance, practical exercises, 1:1 sessions and time to simply write…


Tues 27th to 30th  Aug 2019 Becoming an Authorpreneur

This course looks at what to do to promote and sell your book when it is published or about to be published. It is equally applicable to self-published and traditionally published authors and by the end of the course, you will have taken the first steps towards setting up your author platform and becoming visible to the world of readers. Your author career starts here …


Day Workshops:


Mon 8th April 2019: Getting Started on Your Novel - Day School

A one day introduction to the art of novel-writing and the essential skills an author uses to craft an engaging and intriguing novel. Most will leave with a debut novel underway.


Wed 17th June 2019: Writing Credible Dialogue & Developing Your Author's Voice - Day School

Voices - two of the most difficult aspects of a novel to crack - yours and your characters'! In this one-day workshop you will learn how write credible dialogue that drives your story forward and also examine what makes up your own unique way of storytelling - your author's 'voice'. The workshop will include practical ways to make your dialogue - and your characters - 'real', and how to use 1st, 3rd and the Omniscient POV (Point of View) for dramatic effect to tell your story.​


Mon 9th Sept 2019: Creative Writing - Autobiographies. Turning Bare Fact into Fantastic (non)Fiction.

Ever wanted to write your autobiography? But where do you start, and how do you turn fact into compelling (non)fiction? Autobiographies and biographies are still stories, and whether you are writing your life story to share with your family or with a wider audience, this one-day workshop will help you make it a page-turner. You can use personal memories, photographs, genealogy or even a will as the source of your facts, but learn how to be a master of breathing life into bare bones and applying the skills of a polished writer to transform facts into fantastic (non)fiction.


Fri 25th Oct 2019: Preparing Your Novel for Publication - Day School

What do you do with your novel once the first draft is complete? Here’s the secret… This course covers how to edit your novel, including Debrah’s own special editing system.


Have a look at Denman College here, where you can download the whole college brochure as a pdf if you wish. If the courses listed above do not show up in the brochure, it's generally because the brochure is due to be updated, so just give Denman a call for the latest availability: 01865 391991, or use the contact form on the website. 


Private mentoring sessions



I also offer half or one day mentoring sessions if you require specific guidance for your self-publishing project. The cost is:


Half day (10.00 to 12.30) £75 


Full day (10.00 to  12.30/not incl. lunch/13.30 to 16.00) £140


This can cover anything you require from editing and feedback, formatting, cover design, blurb writing, creation of your author platform and setting up your first promotional campaign. 

All mentoring sessions will include a complimentary copy of Write, Publish, Promote and will take place in Wantage, Oxfordshire or if travelling to your location, please add on a mileage charge at 40p per mile, plus overnight costs if travelling a distance.



Editing and Beta Reading: 


One of the most important factors in the success of any self-published book is how professional it looks. That means thorough editing and a slick finish. I also offer editing and beta reading services to enable this:


Beta Reading - cost £100 for up to 70,000 words, thereafter £6 per additional 1000 words.


Structural editing - cost £200 for up to 70,000 words, thereafter £10 per additional 1000 words.  


Please contact me for more information or to book a session. I am based near Oxford, and am happy to travel reasonable distances to meet you, or we can talk via Skype if you live further afield.


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