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Chained Melodies to be re-released :

First released in January 2013 as 'Chained Melody' in conjunction with a nationally touring portrait exhibition of trans people, called 'Living my Life' compiled by Sheffield NHS Trust, the book was out of print since May 2014, and is now re-released as 'Chained Melodies'. 


Chained Melodies is an extraordinary story of courage, self-belief, and the true nature of love within an unconventional romance. 


“Chaos is about rejecting all that you have learnt, chaos is about being yourself.” Emile M. Cioran


If chaos theory applied to anyone, it’s Will and Tom. Best friends since childhood, life takes very different courses for them until they’re thrown back together in the middle of their own individual chaos. Surviving the terrors of war in Northern Ireland and the heartbreak of childlessness and a broken marriage, Tom learns that bravery isn’t about daring death, it’s about facing life. For Will, it’s about being yourself ”" or in his case, herself, as he starts an unusual journey towards being just that; the woman, Billie.

Chained Melodies is the extraordinary story of how two men find not just courage, but self-belief and the true nature of love.


What the reviewers said then…


“…it's not a transsexual love story, it's a love story that happens to feature transsexuals. The author did an amazing job making the characters three-dimensional and their self-discovery journey is transforming not just for them, but the reader too."


'You will cry at the end. I did.'


'This story is breath taking and intriguing, and I highly recommend it.'


'Touching and almost heart-breaking, this is a novel to tickle your heart strings.'


'The author writes quite beautifully, with a certain poetry in the tone. She draws you into the story, as if you are standing alongside the characters.'


'... a "must read" novel.'




You can buy Chained Melodies here.



And some interviews about the book:

Listen to Debrah talking about Chained Melodies on Radio Swindon on 30th September 2015

And Falling Awake is on release from 23rd October 2015 ...


Some would say suffering has driven Mary mad, and
the people and places she remembers all just dreams dreamt inside her insanity. But then how can her husband Joe remember them too?


Falling Awake is the story of Mary, Joe and a world populated by love, betrayal and obsession - and what it does to those who live in it.


Fantasy or madness?


The impossible is only a breath away.



Just don't fall awake.




Falling Awake is on release from 23rd October 2015. You can pre-order it here.


And watch the trailer below ...




‘We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty’ - Maya Angelou


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