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Savage Seas and Sfumato Skies: painting lyrical landscapes in brushstrokes and words,



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I studied art and literature at university but followed a variety of other career paths until 2013 when I made the bold decision to settle full-time into my two first loves – writing and then, subsequently, painting. As an author, my work centres around the observation of how action creates reaction, absorbing and reflecting the ambiance of the world and situations in which those reactions occur. As an artist, however, I am inspired by what has already become, and my paintings seek to reflect the drama and diversity of what we so often take for granted around us.

I work mainly in oils because I love the depth and texture that they lend to painting, although I still do some work in watercolour for its luminosity, and in pen and ink for the power of clean, bold lines. My oil paintings are never 2D, and their impasto structure is intended to draw you in and make you part of them too. I particularly enjoy painting land, sea and skyscapes, and use the sfumato technique made famous by Leonardo da Vinci to blend and integrate colours from wild gamut to continuous whole. I often work with a limited palette, but I find all the variation I need in this and the free use of paint on canvas to manipulate light and shade, texture and smoothness.

2019 sees the release of the book I have written on how I paint using the sfumato technique, and how painting and writing cross-fertilise in my creative world. It is called Savage Seas and Sfumato Skies – painting lyrical landscapes in brushstrokes and words. Its release coincides with my participation in the second of a series of nine exhibitions across Oxfordshire in 2019 and extending further afield in 2020 and 2021. The exhibitions also include painting demos, workshops and author-artist talks to encourage community participation in the arts. The full exhibition list can be found below and on my Diary page.

My domestic and personal roots are divided between the UK, and the US, with daughters and extended family in each country, but I also enjoy travelling and bringing back images of other lands to recreate.

Most recently, Peru, Australia and New Zealand have inspired some of my paintings.

My Artist’s Statement

The meaning to life is what we experience in it. I paint the meaning we experience all around us. Sometimes it is beautiful – a lilting landscape or a sunset sea. Sometimes it is harsh and ugly; a factory belching smoke, or a city engulfed in its own smog. Yet whatever it is, there is always a raw beauty to depict. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them and discover the meaning in the raw beauty they see, whether it’s immediately obvious or more subtly underlying what is on the surface.


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Instagram: @debrahmartin_author_artist

Come and see my paintings as I produce them on there too. 

Want to learn how to paint in oils?

Adult's Artweeks Oil Painting Workshops


Mondays 2.30-4.30pm


Held at Debrah's studio in South Oxfordshire.


Please click HERE to be taken to the information and booking page. 


All my recent oil paintings are in the revolving gallery at the top of the page. I also paint in watercolour from time to time. I do accept commissions so drop me a line if something appeals, or there's  something in particular you'd like to see on your wall. I price individually, depending on whether a painting is framed or not. 


My up and coming exhibitions can also be found on the Diary page, but in 2019 they are:


2nd Feb - 24th February 2019 West Ox Gallery, Market Square, Bampton, OX18 2JH 


27th Feb - 16th April 2019: The Jam Factory, 4 Hollybush Row, Oxford, OX1 1HU


8th March - 11th May 2019: The Old Fire Station, 40 George Street, Oxford, OX1 2AQ


4th May - 12th May 2019: SJE Cloister Gallery, 109A Iffley Road, Oxford, OX4 1EH


4th - 25th May 2019: KFL Gallery, Spice Lounge, 193 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7AR 


11th - 19th May 2019: Village Art, Appleton Village Hall, Abingdon, OX13 5JS


11th - 19th May 2019: Cornerstones, 25 Station Road, Didcot, OX11 7NE


12th Oct to 9th November 2019: West Ox Gallery, Market Square, Bampton, OX18 2JH 


14th Oct to 2nd November 2019 Vale and Downland Museum, Wantage, OX12 8BL


26th Nov to 9th December 2019 Cornerstones Arts Centre, Didcot 




All paintings are for sale. Please email me on and add 'Artwork' as the email subject for prices.  I am happy to accept commissions this way too. 



LiterArties is my other passion, together with an amazing and exciting group of artist-writers.


Do have a look at our work and the exhibitions we are involved in on the LiterArties website, and also on my Diary page.

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